Electromagnetic valve VH2

Electromagnetic valve VH2

The VH2 valve is a new evolution of the previous electromagnetic valves. More performing, accurate and strong. This new development optimize the electromagnetic properties. The coil is now the structural part of the valve and can also be mounted on previous valves ensuring the performance upgrade without replacing the complete valve. 

It’s an high-speed dispenser of low and viscosity glues, adhesives and fluids (max 3000 mPas). It is suited to dispense glue dots or lines and it is controlled by a Zator’s microprocessor control or by an instrument of external control after testing and approval of Zator company. 

Full stainless steel body with many types of zero cavity nozzle, needle with ceramic ball. The scaled micrometric adjustment allows a fine control of dot size. No air supply is needed, the reliability of these valves grant a long working life without any service. 

The VH2 is particularly suitable for use in the paper converting sector, ensuring optimal performance, in line with the evolution of applications. The reliability of this valve guarantees a long operation. 


Available nozzle diameters : from 0,30 to 1,50
Valve body : Stainless steel
Maximum fluid viscosity : 3000 mPas
Maximum working pressure : 35 bar
Maximum working frequency : 500 dots/sec.
Coil : 6, 12 or 24 Volt
Weight : 330 g


dots and Line

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