Microprocessor control

Application fields

  • Assembly
  • Paper converting
  • Case maker
  • Furniture industry
  • Tobacco industry
  • Printing machines
  • Packaging
Working mode

  • Encoder
  • Timer
Programmable versions

  • Collator
  • Packaging

The microprocessor controls have been designed and manufactured to be used on different types of high speed machines. Their design and versatility makes them suitable for each application required the glue guns control.

The microprocessor controls can store up to 99 different programs and can handle up to 96 indipendent guns (or channels). Each of them are able to perform four or eight different glue lines.

The guns can work in lines or dots mode, a programmable function allow to switch automatically from dot to line at programmed speed.

The design of the control has provided the possibility to use it combine with an encoder, in the case of variable speed machines, or in the timer working mode, without encoder, in the case of constant speed machines.

The easy programming combined with a touch screen with selectable text in different languages, where messages are displayed on the various menus, simplify the learning of the basic functions of the tools.

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