System for applying adhesives NVZ182

System for applying adhesives NVZ182

The manual spray gun Pilot III-2K is used exclusively for the application of two components water base adhesives.

All components in contact materials are made in stainless steel, the body of the gun is Teflon-coated for easy cleaning, the catalizator aircap is made of plastic against attack by chemical agents and channels for the passage of materials are separated and with different diameter connections.

The III-2K is specifically designed for use with two-component adhesives, water based, is not a modification to an existing gun used in other applications, but behind it there is an extensive study to ensure that it is fully compatible with the materials to be sprayed, and to avoid any inconvenience of use.

The III-2K is undoubtedly a unique product, we find in her incredible talent, it is sturdy and yet lightweight, maneuverable and easy to hold even after several hours of work does not tire due to its low weight, only 600 g.

Cleaning is simple enough even for the less experienced it a few minutes to perform basic maintenance.

One of the features of this gun is that its performance does not drop with each passing month, in fact, the yield remains constant over time without being affected in any way of working shifts. This is the real power of this gun that maintains its performance over time not decrease performance, and ensures high productivity.


Valve body : Teflon-coated aluminum
Wetted inside parts : Stainless steel
Available adhesive nozzle diameters : 0,8 – 1,0 mm
Available catalizator cap diameters : 0,3 – 0,4 – 0,5 mm
Adhesive fitting : Tubo 8×6
Catalizator fitting : Tubo 6×4
Nebulization air fitting : Tubo 8×6
Weight : 600 g

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