Pneumatic valve MV1

Pneumatic valve MV1

The extrusion valve MV1 is a dispenser of glues, adhesives and fluids, from low to high viscosity. Designed to be used on a variety of machines, the MV1, is a pneumatically triggered, single or double acting, compact valve.
The valve has a tungsten carbide needle, the main body is machined from solid metal with non-stick coating, providing a sturdy and easy maintenance valve, even in severe working condition. A lubrification chamber for grease/oil can be realized, upon request.
The MV1 can be equipped with a vast array of stainless steel nozzles, various in shapes and diameters, designed to fulfill various application needs. The micrometric adjustment (optional), allows for a more precise control of the quantity of the dispensed fluid, avoiding product waste.

The MV1 can be activated even via an electropneumatic, 5 ways valve, in this case, it takes the name of MK1.


Available nozzle diameters : from 0,3 to 1,5 mm
Air pressure control : min. 5 bar
Drive type : single or double action
Maximum working pressure : 80 bar
Weight : 380 g


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