Piston pump

Application fields

  • Assembly
  • Case maker
  • Furniture industry
  • Packaging
  • Paper converting
  • Tobacco industry
Fluid types

  • Adhesives and glues
  • Greases
  • Low viscosity fluids
  • Mastics
  • Silicones

The glue feed units are indicated to supply medium viscosity glues, adhesives and fluids; they are equipped with a fully pneumatic piston pump up to 10:1 ratio.

The pump can be installed directly on board the machine, wall mounted or on a stand with wheels.

The bucket is connected to the pump via a flexible reinforced tube, the bucket refill and inspection, is facilitated by a hinged flap door on the bucket lid.

The pump is equipped with a bottom valve that prevent fluid loss during the maintenance/ bucket change operations.

The glue feed units are equipped with a stainless filter placed in the intake pump tube, this will prevent the aspiration of glue lumps; a second, fine mesh filter, is equipped in some versions, the second filter will act as a dampener for the pump pulsation, and filter the fluid even more.

To manually control the pressure output, a 1:1 ratio manual pressure regulator can be installed, alternatively, for an automated system a 1:1 automatic pressure regulator, controlled by a proportional valve is available.

To indicate the bucket minimum level, a sensor can be installed.

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