“Corporate #rebranding is a marketing action that aims to reposition an existing brand. However, it is not just a simple change of name or logo but a much more complex operation that refers to the perception of the brand , values and corporate mission by the public. A choice that proves necessary as markets, competitors and consumers are constantly evolving.”

Precisely with this premise we at Zator want to present the new

Corporate Identity!

After careful internal analysis, staff interviews, a photo shoot and a graphic restyling of logos and merchandising, we are officially ready to show off our new corporate identity which conveys the main values of the company: innovation, competence, reliability, transparency, flexibility and customer service.

|  We only sign the quality  |
A precise business choice: quality without compromise.
And everyone, for their part, is responsible for and interpreter of Zator quality.
This is why every project,  every collaboration is an opportunity to upgrade products and improve processes at all company levels.

|  Improve everyday  |
Increasingly competitive market, sector highly technical, demanding challenges… research and development are in our DNA. In fact, every day we study together with customers the best way to solve problems and find efficient and innovative solutions able to optimize processes and results.

|  We grow to make our customers growing  |
We are ready to welcome innovations that technological evolution creates to translate them into effective solutions. The principles that inspire us are collaboration and responsibility: for us, every challenge is an opportunity to grow know-how.
But above all, the satisfaction of those who choose us.

Download here the Brochure Corporate!

– Corporate Identity | Final step –

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