new pneumatic nebulization valve


more sturdy. more compact.

Complete restyling of our spray valve

The new spray valve MF1, has been designed as an evolution of the MZF.
It can dispense low and medium viscosity fluids and the regular and compact shape allows an easy installation and use on various types of production lines and applications. 


 Is pneumatically controlled by 2 external solenoid valves: one to control the movement of the needle and the other solenoid command the nebulization of the fluid.
The sturdiness of the main body, the self- cleaning needle, a nozzle cap with non-stick coating: just a few features that where taken in to account in the pneumatic nebulization valve design, to ensure a long operating life and an easy and quick maintenance.

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All these valves can be installed individually or become integral parts of our complete gluing system. All components are designed and manufactured entirely, therefore it is possible to create “custom-made” solutions to meet the specific requests of the customer.
Our production chain is based on the most uncompromised MADE IN ITALY philosophy: raw materials are selected carefully, tested components are checked and tested, latest generation machinery come from world’s best manufacturers (swiss, german, japanese), equipment and tools precision are suitable to the more specific uses. Nothing is left to improvisation or approximation.
All the details are verified on test benches before being assembled and shipped. We never want to give up to quality… And you?