Simplified maintenance with the NEW LOCK BUSH for pneumatic valves (Seamlessly interchangeable)


The new lock bush for pneumatic valves represents a significant step forward in terms of practicality and ease of use. Thanks to the modification of the mounting system, which abandons the screwdriver cut in favor of a hex key.

Maintenance becomes an easier and faster operation than ever before. 

the new lock bush and its benefits

✓ Increased grip

Hex keys provide a more secure and stable grip than screwdriver bits, reducing the risk of slippage and damage to the socket itself. Last but not least, hex keys are more wear-resistant.

Reduced effort

Using an hex wrench requires less effort for valve maintenance than a screwdriver, especially in the case of stuck sockets. This is particularly important for frequent maintenance interventions that can occur in gluing systems (folding-gluing, trayforming machine, etc.). 

✓ Speed

The hex key mounting system allows for faster screw removal and tightening, optimizing maintenance times.

✓ Compatibility

The new lock bush is compatible with all standard 6mm hex keys. 


Despite the new mounting system, the new lock bush is fully interchangeable with the old model already present on the current extrusion valves. This means that it can be replaced on valves that have already been purchased.

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